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Ellen Mimi Schlecht (also known as "Mimi", "Memez", or "EMS") is a multi-hyphenated theatre artist currently living in NYC. Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, Mimi grew up in the small yet vivid community theatre scene, sparking a deep love for the creation of an ensemble and a tight-knit community. Currently, she is pursuing a BFA in Drama and BA in Politics at NYU.


Her work is anchored in collaboration, exploration, love, and working to create something beautiful together. She loves to perform in musicals, plays, cabarets, and everything in between. She hopes to one day release her own music and publish a book. But, her favorite role has always been being an older sister.


At NYU she has studied with  Playwrights Horizons Theatre School and Atlantic Acting School. Throughout her time there she has developed a great love for writing, lighting design, and devising– which she tries to do as often as she can. Her ensembles have always been her second families. 


When not on stage or backstage, she enjoys FaceTiming her family’s new goldendoodle puppy, Bailey, (and the rest of her family too… of course).

Totally going to be the next famous Delawarean... 

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